Frequently Asked Questions. Contact me for awnserless questions, I'll add them to this FAQ if they're relevant.

"What is all about and who made it ?" is the name of this current site. Here, you'll mainly find my digital artworks (paintings, airbrushings, inkings, logos, websites, interactive stuff, ansi-ascii art and more) as well as personnal informations and other silly things.
I realised this site (graphic conception & realisation, html & stuff) and my pal Hollow, who's kind a brother to me, made the php-programming.
Worship him.

"What does 'bwoup' means ?"

"Bwoup", pronounce 'bwoohp', is the language of the clouds, the base-sound they make to 'speak' to each other.
Bwoup is also the name of this red airship you see all through this site. Travelling from air-base to mountain-pod, it helps fighting against the evil Blackbacs.

The Bwoup airship in sight of a mountain-pod...

"What are thoses 'Blackbacs' ?"

One of the first Blackbacs - Photo : M. CaryNobody really knows where and when they appeared, nor do someone know where they come from.
But one thing is clear: they're pure evil and got a real bad sense of humor (like making knots with your shoe-laces, etc).
They appeared one day, becoming more and more numerous, gathering in huge batallions; and took over the Earth, starting from the city of Fluor.
There was no chance fighting against them on the ground, so the people fled to the skies. Planes, airships, balloons, everything that had wings or could fly was used to get rid of the Blackbac's menace. The refugees now had time to organise themselves again, building little cities, known as Pods, on top of mountains or in inaccessible areas.
And when the technology was acquired, large flying-bases were built and people, now known as Flyizens, could finally be safe from the Blackbacs, living in the sky.
But the Blackbac's time will come, someday.

"Btw, who are you ?"

I'm Morgan Thomas (first name Morgan, people often invert). I call myself with the nickname 'Splif'. Get more informations about me here.

"How do you make all this stuff ?"

I'm mainly using Painter to draw all this, and Photoshop to assemble it. I don't use filters and my logos aren't based on filter-customized font files.
Everything is hand-drawn using a wacom tablet. Go there if you don't know what a graphic tablet is.

"I like your stuff, I want to do the same. How can I ?"

First of all, don't think because those works were made on a computer, that it'll be easy.
All this appeals to drawing skills, which have been acquired through years and years of practice, especially with "academical tools" (pen & paper...).

If you can't draw, I think you should try something else, unless you have loads of motivation and patience.
But if you really want to learn how to draw, go to the library, or the bookshop, grab some serious books about drawing techniques (perspective, anatomy, composition, etc) and old master's biographies and catalogues. Study them.
The key is O B S E R V A T I O N .

Then, go to a fine-arts shop and buy yourself some nice paper, a bunch of pens & pencils, some ink, a few tubes of basic colours and other stuff like erasers or pencil-sharpeners (or use a knife but watch out for your fingers !). Go home, and draw, draw, draw, draw ,draw... You can also suscribe to drawing lessons ! At least, show people your drawings, they'll tell you what's wrong with your pictures, so you'll be able to focus on these points.
The key is P R A C T I C E .

Now you got both keys to acquire some technical skills. Then it's your job to get the ideas.

But even if you can't draw, you surely can have some fun doodling with a tablet and some software ! ^^
One last thing. One should take pleasure through the whole creating process, from the emerging idea to the final signing of the work.
If you're not enjoying yourself drawing, why are you wasting your time ?

"I'm drawing too, but I got nobody to show my stuff to. Can I send you my stuff so you'd help me ?"

No. Sorry.
I already don't have time to work on everything I'd want, not even mentionning private/social life.
But there's a huge 'drawing-community' on the internet : webrings, oekakis, paintchats, forums, even on-line galleries providing you with webspace to expose your stuff. Check these links out, you'll surely find someone to share your creations with.

"Would you draw something for me ? Some kind of request ?"

Let's become friends first ;)
Then perhaps one day, you'll get a colorful present from me.

And no, I don't take requests, unless they are paid.

"Why is your site only in english and not in french & english anymore ?"

I'm sooo lazy... and it's a good opportunity to improve my english :)

"Where is Pinpin ?"

Pinpin is currently on the roads. He left to see the outer-world and is actually about to arrive at the "Festival des Clowns Morts".

"How old is the captain ?"

Actually, I don't know the age of Captain Mutmut. You should ask Danube about that.
Captain Kiglou is very shy, so nobody knows, but the rumour says he's around 50.

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