On this page, you'll only find real personnal(ity) info.

Play the game of my life will be easier and funnier than to listen to it, or won't it ?
So, the game starts in 1977, march 25. Morgan, you, is born around 10 am. Roll your dice !

. Mom gives you potato-milk with the panzer-feeding-bottle, so you grow strong she says. Advance to field #3.
2. You grow up with a pet to play with : a doggypuppy. Don't pull its tail !
3. While mommy's cooking, you stay in the kitchen and doodle.
4. Kindergarden : you don't even manage to draw a simple fish the damn fish. You loose your turn.
5. You visit your grand-pa', a painter; he teaches you a lot, even how to make photographic experiments with haribo-bears.
6. When you play Lego, everything shall be symetric and the colours shall not be messy; or you get upset.
7. You like Britanny : it's roots and zen.
8. 1988 : you go to school far away from home and alone by train and bus. It's boring... You loose your turn.
9. You're starting to get the good reflex to draw in class instead of writing down the lessons. Advance to field #12.
10. 1989 : the Berlin-Wall falls. You become a West-German... You loose your turn.
11. Tea becomes your drug to get awake in the morning... Advance to field #13.
12. Winter is your favourite season. You pray for snow and frost.
13. 1995 : you got your A-Level, congrats !
14. 1995 - University : You try some law&german studies. It gets on your nerves after 2 months. Return to field #13.
15. 1996 : You're starting studying informatics at a nice tech-uni.
16. Red, like Martini.
17. 1998 : You smoke Gitanes under Jussieu's asbestos... Keuh, Teuh, Return to field #15
18. Captain Kiglou takes you on a trip ! Advance to field #20.
19. 1999 : You're starting a 2-year master degree in multimedia in a building's basement. Spooky...
20. After a trip, you stay stucked in space-time vortex and you start living during the night.
21. Sky is something so terrific, especially at night. Loose your turn
and stare at it.
22. 2001 : You got your master-degree; working as a freelance sounds as a good compromise...
23. 2002 : You just finished your new website and you're asking yourself : and now what ?
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