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Hinata just mastered a new jutsu 'Kuma Kuchiyose no Jutsu : Hatchimitsu'. (Bear Summoning Jutsu : Hatchimitsu). Hatchimitsu is a heavy taijutsu specialist; his most-used ability is to use/summon tree-stems and use them as weapons; he also masters the Water Element and has a high knowledge of medicinal plants. Hatchimitsu has become a very close friend/confident of Hinata, helping her to gain more self-confidence. Also, he doesn't get mad when being summoned to share some time with her when she gets too lonely, or to train her jutsus, even during winter ^^; My first real fan-art; Hinata is a shy ninja-girl from the Naruto manga series. The bear is a home-made-design. "Hinata"
Original size : A4 300dpi
Work time : 14 hrs.
September 2004
Copyright © Morgan aka. "Splif" Thomas all rights reserved / tous droits réservés 1995/2002 (c)