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The Cargo cult is a peacefull community living far away from any surviving civilisation in a remote country... After the Blackbac invasion, these people gathered on top of three hills, building their new homes among the dense vegetation. By chance, they remembered the airship technologies and built their own in order to approach their gods : the cargos. These sometimes drop the cult some goods; but sometimes, due to unknown forces, the heavy planes crash on top of the hills. At this time, the Cargo Cult expeditionnary fellowship takes off to encounter an incoming cargo, their airships filled with flowers, gifts for their metal idols... Inspired by S.Gainsbourg's "Cargo Cult" (Melody Nelson). "Culte de Cargo"
Painter, Photoshop
Original size : 1600x1200
Work time : 24 hrs.
December 2002
Copyright © Morgan aka. "Splif" Thomas all rights reserved / tous droits réservés 1995/2002 (c)