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These are my fav' Oekaki and Paintchat sessions extracts.
Don't forget to check the combos I did with Piano and with Danube.

03sep04 - Horny Mermaid

06jun04 - "Your name again ?"

*click!* 28mar04 - Inspiration Challenge in Normandy (with Danube) *click!*

*click!* 28mar04 - Broom Repairs Inc. (with Danube) *click!*

25apr04 - Engineer with Gloves

*click!* 28mar04 - Banjo Jane & Groovy Masha (with Danube) *click!*

24mar04 - Captain' K

22mar04 - Deployable Valise Sentry

21mar04 - Suitcase Cutie Feat. The Pillow

21mar04 - Suitcase Schoolgirl

21mar04 - Zombi Schoolgirl

09mar04 - Taru Cosplayer

6dec03 - Sybille the Taru-Taru casts a spell.

*click!* 20oct03 - The Valkyries (with Danube) *click!*

28oct03 - Valkyrie

27oct03 - Schoolgirl Pilot.

24oct03 - Cututure.

*click!* 20oct03 - The quest gone bad ! (with Danube) *click!*

20oct03 - Templeress

19oct03 - Riding Girl

19oct03 - Runic Templars (with Danube)

19oct03 - Necromancer gal

18oct03 - Cloud Summonning Girl (robot mounted)

18oct03 - Space Mouse Princess Buccodentaiyru - Fluoretchu !

18oct03 - Space Mouse Princess Buccodentaiyru

oct03 - Kawaii Heart Troopaz (with Danube)

27sept03 - Kamikaze Troll Saper

27sept03 - Sturmtemplar with Panzermorningstar

27sept03 - Elf Ranger

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*click!* Summer03 - Losto Hangaru (with Danube) *click!*

Click me !
*click!* Summer03 - Call the Sapinz (with Danube) *click!*

Summer03 - Elfe des Pins

Summer03 -

Summer03 - Become a Lumberjack !

5jan03 - BatmanPir8 and his Batmopanzitor

2jan03 - Alfred dégaine

2jan03 - Nikita

2jan03 - Feindliches Flugzeug gesichtet

2jan03 - Esmeralda Gothico-punk-80's

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*click!* 20oct03 - Call the wifes (with Danube) *click!*

27oct02 - Empêcheuse d'inverser en rond

27oct02 - Rotobot

19oct02 - Samouraï

05oct02 - Bunny Camo Soldier - extract from this

30sep02 - Kiglou with OrangeSpaceSuit.

30sep02 - Refuse imitations - Call them.
Fullsize Mutmut Combo Grab

30sep02 - Doppeldecker

14sep02 -

Lulu from FFX


Sad Hill Cimetery


Lee Van Cleef ?

"Blondiiin ! Blooondiiin !"

"Toi, tu ceuses."

Vieille Comtesse Libertine


Hidden Nightelf



Node4 Splashscreen Doodle


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